“HASHIBAMI” is the Japanese word for hazel, where hazelnuts serve as food and oil can be refined from it. The kanji of “HASHIBAMI” resembles harvesting rice crops with both hands. It signifies that good harvest will come after hard work of ploughing and cultivation.
This coheres with HASHIBAMI's perseverance on the outlook, texture, and taste of food. We regard omakase as the finest artwork in Japanese cuisine. With the trust from the guests, we present the idea of refinement in the world of itamae by making the most of the natural flavour from every ingredient. Guests are guaranteed a top-notch, unique and sensational omakase experience, as well as to enjoy the nature’s gift of wondrous delicacy.


Main Counter

There are 16 comfy seats at the main counter. Guests can watch closely to appreciate our chefs' skills and experience their efforts.

Private Room

There is an 8-seat private room where guests can also watch how chefs prepare the dishes, while enjoying a private and comfortable environment.


Our Chef Chan is a veteran chef who has been in the Japanese culinary industry for over 25 years. He has worked in some of the best hotels and multiple high-end Japanese restaurants. Chef Cheung has also taken key positions at various prestigious omakase restaurants.

Accomplished in skills and having refined tastes, our chefs and their team deliver delectable gourmet that carries great tradition. Menus are created basing on seasonal ingredients with the team's creativity and dedication. At HASHIBAMI, guests can experience the most exquisite, finest omakase sensation.