House Rules

  • Deposit: Please pay a deposit of $500 per head upon confirmation of reservation.
  • Rescheduling / Cancellation: Any reservation changes or cancellation should be made at least 3 days before the appointment date.
  • Refund policy: All refunds are made after a 5% admin charge within 5 working days. Refund would be unavailable for no-show guests and those who are late for more than an hour.
  • Dietary restrictions: We mainly serve seafood. Please inform us in advance concerning any dietary allergies and restrictions.
  • Dress code: For male guests, please refrain from wearing shorts or flip-flops.
  • Children: We welcome children aged 12 and over.
  • Minimum charge: The minimum charge for all guests (including children) is the set lunch / dinner plus a 10% service charge.
  • Cake-cutting fee: $200 / cake
  • Corkage: $500 / 720mL; $750 / 1.8L